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Alcatel (MTK Android)


Alcatel OT-890
Alcatel OT-891
Alcatel OT-903
Alcatel OT-903D
Alcatel OT-908
Alcatel OT-908F
Alcatel OT-909
Alcatel OT-910
Alcatel OT-916
Alcatel OT-916D
Alcatel OT-918
Alcatel OT-918D
Alcatel OT-918N
Alcatel OT-922
Alcatel OT-928
Alcatel OT-966
Alcatel OT-985
Alcatel OT-990
Alcatel OT-991
Alcatel OT-991D
Alcatel OT-992
Alcatel OT-997
Alcatel OT-3201
Alcatel OT-7030
Alcatel OT-7030L
Alcatel OT-7030R
Alcatel OT-A890
Alcatel OT-A909
Alcatel OT-A919
Alcatel OT-A966
Alcatel OT-A980
Alcatel OT-A986
Alcatel OT-C908
Alcatel OT-C918
Alcatel OT-C919
Alcatel OT-C990
Alcatel OT-M960
Alcatel OT-MOV2
Alcatel OT-MOVE
Alcatel OT-V861
Alcatel OT-V958
Alcatel OT-W939
Alcatel OT-W969
Momo Design MD
Orange Denver
Orange Pasadena
TCL A890



you must give us SRO and here

Instructions for extract SRO from phone :

- Power on phone and press *#837# or *#3228#
- List will be shown in phone, search name that starts for "X" letter
- Write this info in the field SRO that you will be asked

With this we already get SRO, so only rest to introduce model and imei.
After press calculate, and server will give us codes in few seconds.

Price : USD2.8USD

Delivery Time : 1-10 Minutes

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